Ramadan Acts Of Kindness Reusable Calendar


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Find the real meaning of Ramadan this year with our ‘acts of kindness’ Ramadan calendar packed with 30 ways to give instead of receiving

Our acts of kindness advent calendar features a beautiful gold and black design along with 30 acts of kindness - one for everyday of Eid.

Our Ramadan Acts Of Kindness Reusable calendars have been specifically designed to be sustainable and therefore can be used year after year.

Full acts of kindness list; Donate old clothes to charity, tell someone the reasons why you like them, call a relative just to say hello, help someone before they ask, buy some food for a homeless person, smile at everyone you see today, sign up for a charity event, give a compliment to a stranger, pick up any rubbish you see today, write a thank you letter ro your postie, reconnect with someone you have lot contact with, donate pet food to an animal shelter, give flowers to a friend, introduce yourself to your neighbours, buy a coffee for someone, fill a parking metre with change, hold the door open for others, paint kindness rocks and leave them for other to find, apologise to someone you know you should, write a postcard to someone you miss, leave your favourite book on a bus or train with a note in, give a hug to someone who needs it, let someone go ahead of you in a queue, donate food to a food charity, take treats into work to share, support a small business, leave a happy note on someone’s car, sponsor a strange who is raising money for charity, plant a tree, have a compliment free day.

We also offer a dry wipe pen for those who would like to keep note of what activities have been done and what is left to do (we don't mind if you do them in a different order!).

Is it a gift? We've got the perfect finishing touches, our gift cards feature hand illustrated prints to celebrate your occasion (includes an envelope) and our gift bags are the ideal way to make sure your gift is extra special.

Please note: we are not able to offer a card writing service at this time and our gift bags come flat ready for you to pack at home.

made from:

Made from aluminium with a length of sparkly red ribbon.


200 x 300mm

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