Lucky Sixpence' Christmas Pudding Card


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Bring back the Christmas tradition of putting a sixpence into the Christmas pudding with our lucky sixpence Christmas pudding card.

The act of placing a sixpence into the Christmas pudding has been a Christmas tradition for over 100 years. Placed in the pudding when cooking, the tradition believes that whoever finds the sixpence in their piece of the pudding on Christmas day is thought to have wealth and luck over the next year.

Our lucky sixpence Christmas pudding card includes one sixpence along with the instructions: 'add me to your christmas pudding and get every family to give it a stir. who ever finds me in their pudding on Christmas say will enjoy wealth and good luck the year to come'.

A wonderful traditional that can be brought out year after year in the run up to Christmas, a great activity for all the family to do.

Sixpence dates will vary.

Is it a gift? We've got the perfect finishing touches, our gift cards feature hand illustrated prints to celebrate your occasion (includes an envelope) and our gift bags are the ideal way to make sure your gift is extra special.

Please note: we are not able to offer a card writing service at this time and our gift bags come flat ready for you to pack at home.

made from:

Laser engraved wood.

Real vintage sixpence.


7.5 x 4.7cm

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