What is my Birthstone: Everything You Need To Know

January 30, 2020

What is my Birthstone: Everything You Need To Know

What is a birthstone?

Your birthstone is a type of precious stone that represents the month you were born in, making it very personal to you. They are different for each month and vary in colour, rarity and preciousness, but all equally special in their own unique way. You might also have heard of them being called ‘gemstones’ or ‘precious stones’ but they are not to be mistaken for your Zodiac Sign Gemstone. A Zodiac Gemstone is different because the dates of a star sign can include people born from two different months. This means your Zodiac Sign Gemstone is often different from your birthstone. So if you are looking for a special and personalised gift for your loved one, all you need to know is their birth month!

Birthstones have been the centrepiece of jewellery for centuries, you will probably have seen the beautiful colours of Rubies, Amethysts, Emeralds and Sapphires glistening back at you from jewellery shop store fronts. Gifting a birthstone necklace, bracelet or ring can make a thoughtful and personalised present, and become a treasured item for years to come. It’s a great way to let the person you know you care, and let them know how much they mean to you. Alternatively, they make a perfect gift to treat yourself with, that is meaningful and special. 

So, how do I find out my birthstone and what does my birthstone mean?

January 1st - 31st birthstone: Garnet

If you are born into the new year you are lucky to call Garnet your birthstone. The name of January’s birthstone comes from the Latin ‘granatum’ which means ‘seed’ because of the similarities with the pomegranate seed. Garnet’s deep red colour is the most popular, but if red isn’t your favourite colour, don’t worry as it can come in a range of other hues too! The Garnet is a gorgeous birthstone that represents the beauty of friendship and trust, making it an ideal gift for your bestie. If you want to gift a January birthstone set of earrings take a look at our popular personalised pair here. 

January birthstone

February 1st - 28th (29th) birthstone: Amethyst

Similarly to garnet, Amethyst comes in many different colours too! Amethyst birthstones are sourced in several different areas around the world, making each of them special and unique. The most popular colour of February’s birthstone is a rich purple which is thought to symbolise royalty, a favourite birthstone of Catherine the Great. What could be a better luxury gift to make your special someone feel like royalty? Like its variation in colour and source, Amethyst also has different meanings and symbolism in every culture. But one thing does remain consistent, the amethyst is beautiful and unique, just like those who are born in February. Take a look at our collection of birthstone jewellery pieces to suit those with an Amethyst birthstone. 

February birthstone

March 1st -31st birthstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine, like its name suggests, derives from the term ‘aqua’ meaning water. If you are born in March, your birthstone reflects the cool blue colour of the sea and adds a beautiful crisp look to any outfit. For March babies, your birthstone is thought to protect sailors out at sea, synonymous with Aquamarines durable qualities. With its resistance to wear and tear and ability to gleam in even dimly lit conditions, this makes Aquamarine the perfect addition to any jewellery collection and a loving gift that will stand the test of time.  

March birthstone

April 1st - 30th birthstone: Diamond

With Diamonds being the hardest birthstone and the centrepiece for many engagement rings, this precious stone is most well known for representing eternal love. It is also, however, the birthstone of those lucky enough to be born in April. After all, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… Diamonds are most popular colourless, but can come in a range of hues including a beautiful pink! Whether you are buying a diamond to propose with, or for your loved ones April birthday present, diamonds are special because of the moments created with them.

april birthstone

May 1st - 31st birthstone: Emerald

Derived from the Greek term ‘smargados’ simply meaning green stone, the Emerald is brilliant and rich in colour. If you are born in May, your birthstone represents the time of year you were born, the luscious green of spring time. With the May birthstones bright jewel tone, the Emerald has long been a proud addition to any piece of jewellery, particularly in the crowns of royalty and a perfect addition to anyone's jewellery box. Emeralds are known to bring joy to those who wear it; who wouldn’t feel joy receiving such a precious birthstone from someone you love? If you know a May baby that would greatly treasure a birthstone set of earrings to make them feel like royalty, we have just the pair for you. 

may birthstone

June 1st - 30th birthstone: Pearl or Alexandrite

For those with a June birthstone, there is more than one to choose from, both rare and beautiful like its wearer! Firstly is the pearl, the only known birthstone to be created by a living animal -  how cool is that? The origins of the pearl make each and every gem unique in colour, shape and size. Give this unique gift of a June birthstone necklace to your loved ones. Alexandrite is the more modern June birthstone with its ability to change colours from green/blue to purple/red. Known to represent the creativity of its wearer, this June birthstone will be sure to spark your imagination!

june birthstone

July 1st - 31st  birthstone: Ruby

Well known for its beautifully rich red colour the Ruby is your birthstone if you were born in July. This makes it the perfect piece of statement jewellery for any fashionista. As one of the four “precious gems”, the Ruby is only second to the Diamond in hardness and durability, not to be mistaken for the pink sapphire. For those who wear the precious Ruby, it is known to bring love, wealth, success and more, making this a perfect gift for your loved one born in July. 

july birthstone

August 1st - 31st birthstone: Peridot

The Peridot is a gorgeous green colour, used to celebrate anyone with an August birthday. This birthstone is created deep within the Earth and is generally sourced when it erupts to the surface by volcanoes. However, the Peridot has also been found on the moon and Mars, making this a gorgeous gift for any astrology lovers in your life. This magical August birthstone is also known to have healing powers and keep nightmares at bay, a fabulous gift for August babies in the form of a necklace, or earrings. 

august birthstone

September 1st - 30th birthstone: Sapphire

Another one of the four precious gems, the Sapphire is best known for its deep rich blue to violet colour. It has a beautiful resemblance to the sky’s every shade which makes this a birthstone that everyone will love and one of the most popular birthstones for jewellery! The Sapphire has a long-standing history, and not just for it being September’s birthstone. There are many mentions of Sapphire in the bible and known to have protective and guiding properties, as well as symbolising sincerity, faithfulness, truth and nobility. This makes the Sapphire a meaningful gift to loved ones born in any month, not just those born in September. 

september birthstone

October 1st - 31st birthstone: Opal or Tourmaline

Those born in October are another lucky bunch with the choice of two birthstones, the Opal and Tourmaline. Both of these birthstones are individual and nontraditional like its wearer, with the stones coming in an array of rainbow colours, most famously a soft pink. However, they are also known to portray multiple colours in one stone, known as tri-coloured, shop October birthstone jewellery here. The many colours of Tourmaline are thought to have been collected from the rainbow, and inspire creativity and spirit. Do you know a creative soul who would love this gift? The Opal however is known to symbolise love and hope with its beautiful colouring that looks like fireworks and galaxies. 

october birthstone

November 1st - 30th birthstone: Topaz or Citrine

The November birthstones are Topaz and Citrine, both strikingly similar in their vibrant yellow and orange colours. The Citrine symbolises energy and warmth as its colour emulates, with the name Topaz coming from the ancient Indian word meaning ‘fire’. The word citrine however, comes from the French words, simply meaning ‘yellow’, like the colour of citrus fruits. Topaz and Citrine are known as a healing stone, with both of them bringing serenity, calmness and warmth to its wearer that wards off nightmares. Give this fiery November birthstone gift to your loved one, to treasure and keep forever. 

november birthstone

December 1st - 31st birthstone: Zircon or Turquoise

Last but by no means least are the December birthstones; the Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise, all coming in varying hues of beautiful blues. The Turquoise is known to be the oldest worn birthstone, with the Egyptian Pharaohs wearing it on their ceremonial dresses owing to the luck and wisdom it brings the wearer. Zircon on the other hand is the perfect stone for a loved one who needs help to induce a restful sleep, but also symbolises wisdom, prosperity and honour. If these personality traits describe a December baby you know, why not give a personalised set of earrings or necklace as a birthday or Christmas gift. 

december birtstone


So there you have it, now you know the beauty and unique qualities of each and every birthstone. Did you know here at Ellie Ellie we are known for hand crafted personalisation of gifts and packaging. If you’ve seen the perfect pair of earrings or a necklace why not write a special message to complete the gift and give it that extra something they will appreciate. 

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