Share The Positivity Over Lockdown

April 30, 2020

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As we enter our fourth week in lockdown in the UK, the nation has developed many ways to pass the time. Self-isolation slowly becomes the norm for everyone - we’ve seen social media challenges popping up everywhere, Zoom quizzes providing hours of Saturday night entertainment and clapping for the NHS on Thursday evenings. We’ve got used to working from home and working together to help our communities. There is hope yet, for us all. 

Here at Ellie Ellie we are working from home where we can, with workshop staff following social distancing and strict cleaning guidelines in the office, as they are still making all our wonderful products. However we’ve also been putting our creative attention to designing gifts, cards and keepsakes for you to share the positivity during this time. If you know someone who has been heavily affected by the outbreak in any way, why not spread some love by sending them something special. 

Here are 5 ways to stay positive during lockdown, whether it be through mental activities like meditation, physical exercise to release those endorphins or embracing your creative side to spread the love. 


Cards and Postcards To Send Loved Ones In Isolation

If you’re missing someone while in isolation, why not do things the old fashioned way and send them a postcard. Think of it as an unexpected moment of happiness through someone's door. Let them know they are loved and in your thoughts, even if you can’t be there in person.
Our ‘I wish I could self isolate with you' design is available as a set of 6 postcards or as a free download to print from home.

sending post cards during lockdown

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Thinking Of You Gifts 

What better way to show someone special that they mean the most to you right now than a gift they can keep forever? We’ve designed a beautiful pen and ink handwritten illustration mug that can be used as an everyday reminder to someone you care about, how much they mean to you. In times of need, it's also nice to send something when someone needs a hug, but you can't be there in person. For this very occasion, we have designed a little keepsake decoration which makes for a thoughtful gift for friends, family or anyone who needs a hug!

keepsake decoration



Meditating can be a great way to calm your mind of racing thoughts, and let go of stressful thoughts you've accumulated throughout the day. To practise meditation sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breathing if a thought pops into your head (which it will inevitably) simply acknowledge it, brush it away and focus back on the breath again. Slowing down the pace of your breathing will slow down your mind and therefore your thoughts. There's no right or wrong with meditation, it's all about what works for you so have no expectations. You can even follow a guide if you're new and want some direction, there are also plenty of apps you can download with free sessions to try. Danielle, our founder's favourite meditation video to listen to is this one.

Learning to meditate is a skill like any other and will come with practice and knowledge. Meditation will teach you to be more mindful. Becoming mindful and present is to be in the moment, solely focussed on whatever we are doing, which is usually one thing at a time. If you can begin to control your mind in this way, you will be able to calm yourself if you feel you are getting anxious, stressed, angry or any other emotion you want to let go of. 

Don't forget world mediation day is May the 21st, so what better time to give it a go.


A unique way to give someone a daily positive boost is to write them their very own personalised daily affirmations keepsake, ideal to be kept in a wallet or purse. Not sure what to include? Here are 5 steps to creating the perfect affirmations for your loved one:

  1. The words ‘I am’ are the most powerful words in the English dictionary, use these to start each one.
  2. Include an action word ending with ‘–ing’ to bring your words to life. 
  3. Include emotions or feelings to connect with the reader. 
  4. Use the present tense to make each one feel more real in the moment.
  5. Use positive words like ‘do’ instead of ‘don’t’.

daily affirmations

Take a look at our full range of ‘thinking of you’ gifts here.

Free Mobile & Desktop Wallpapers and Digital Downloads 

It’s important not forget to be kind to ourselves throughout all of this too. According to research we look at our phone 58 times a day*, that's at least twice every hour and over 400 times every week! So having a positive affirmation on your phone is a super-effective way of giving you hope, courage and strength during a challenging time and help your mind feel lighter. We’ve previously shared how to get through the Easter weekend in self isolation, and most of these activities and tips can be applied beyond Easter and into the next few weeks of isolation. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed or down needing a positive boost, here are some downloadable freebies to brighten up your day. We’ve turned all of your favourite and most popular Ellie Ellie quote illustrations into mobile wallpapers, free to download, use and share! 

You can head to our Pinterest board to scroll through and find your favourite or directly from our website here.

We've also got our beautiful 'I wish I could self-isolate with you' postcard illustration as a free digital download to send to loved ones via email, or online.  

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 It's recommended that you get between 75 and 150 minutes of exercise every week, and apparently running around after the kids doesn't really count. But if you are lacking the motivation to go for a run or practise a home work out, then why not try a workout video with a friend. Just because you're not taking a class together at the gym doesn't mean you can't practise together! Use a video app on your phone or laptop and video call your new home gym buddy and do it together! It's also great to get the kids involved too. 

PE with Joe wicks

Joe Wick's YouTube Channel has hundreds of home workout videos you can try including low impact exercises, workouts for seniors and even P.E lesson style videos for kids to get their daily exercise in. 


From Brands We Love:

We couldn’t write our latest blog post about sharing positivity without sharing some of the brands we love, doing great things too. Here are two amazing brands spreading the love and positivity during the Coronavirus outbreak. Click the links to use their free digital downloads. 

Kyleigh's Paper Cuts -  has an amazing rainbow paper cut out free to download here. In aid of supporting the NHS with all their hard work and efforts you can use this in your window. Think of all the shared smiles of people that will walk past! 

rainbow cut out

Auntie Mims - have designed an awesome colouring in poster to support everyday heroes. Stick to your front door or near your letter box to applaud your postie as a front line worker that is risking coming into contact with people every day. Front line heroes work so the UK runs as smoothly as possible. There’s also Royal Mail post and bin stickers too.

posties poster

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