What does love mean to you? | The Unique Nature of Love

What does love mean to you?

With Valentine’s day coming up, love is all around us. So what does love mean to you? We asked the team here, as well as the Ellie Ellie family to see the different meanings of love to each person. Here are a few we came up with…

 To some, love is support:

“Love to us is knowing that you have always got someone with you in life whatever it throws at you, and it has the ability to take the weight off of ones shoulders. “

To others, love is comfort:

“Love is having someone who will always make you feel better.”

 Love can also be sharing:

“Love to me, is knowing that all of those life long adventures you want to explore, would be twice as amazing sharing it with that special person in you life.”

 And love is being you:

“Love is spending time with the people that make you most happy.”

 And finally, to us…

“Love means home.”