Inside our workshop

Welcome to our Ellie Ellie workshop - we offer personalised, thoughtfully made gifts to bring people together! We aim to design innovative products, in an effort to create happy memories, which are treasured by your loved ones for years to come. With every gift handcrafted using high quality materials, you can guarantee each gift will be unique and bespoke to you.


Welcome to the Ellie Ellie library! This is a beautiful area, tucked away in a corner of the workshop home to hundreds of our vintage maps. Our range of map based products allows you to choose locations that are special to you and your loved ones.

The map location chosen by you is found by one of our artisans. We work with local suppliers to get hold of our authentic vintage maps that we keep here in our library. We strive to find any location, anywhere around the world that's special to you!


Our vast coin collection is perfect for that milestone birthday or a celebration. A gift as unique as they are, which will always be treasured. Dating back to 1927, these coins can conjure up memories of forgotten childhoods or offer some luck for those special moments to come.

With a multitude of dates available, we offer fivepences, sixpences, halfpennys & farthings - all of which are inspected & polished in our workshop before being assembled into the final piece.

Make it Personal

We offer engraving on a range of our products, to further the level of personalisation on your gift. This thoughtful touch enhances the inspirational words, meaningful messages or dates of importance chosen by you. They are carefully engraved onto the gift by one of our experienced artisans. 


Finishing Touches

We believe every gift should be presented to reflect the quality of the product. So, once finished, your bespoke gift is popped into an elegantly branded Ellie Ellie gift box, ready to go out to the recipient. For those that are limited on time and for your convenience, we provide optional gift packaging to save you the hassle of wrapping; meaning your gift is ready to give as soon as it arrives.



A few more from inside the workshop...