Make your own easy evergreen Christmas wreath!

As Christmas songs start to play on the radio and it becomes acceptable to drink mulled wine, we’re getting into the Christmas spirit. What better way to start feeling festive than by making our own  Christmas wreath!

A traditional yet simple way to dress up your front door, there’s a million different types of Christmas wreath so we’ve simplified the process by creating one with minimal materials you may already have lying around the house (and garden)

Follow our step-by-step guide to create your own simple evergreen wreath, you can also add your own personal details to match your own Christmas colour scheme!

You will need:

  • An embroidery hoop
  • Scissors
  • A selection of foliage (ask your local florist or forage in the garden!) We went for a mix of evergreen branches including rosemary and eucalyptus which add a lovely Christmassy scent.
  • Yarn or twine


  1. Separate your embroidery hoops, you only need the inner part to make one wreath. Start by breaking up the bigger twigs into lengths about the width of your hoop.
  2. Wrap twine around the end of the twig and hoop, then again in the middle of the branch to secure it around the hoop.
  3. Continue wrapping branches around your hoop until it’s covered, you can layer them up in places to create a thicker wreath.
  4. Next focus on the smaller sprigs such as your herbs. You can weave them in and out of the bigger branches and through the twine.
  5. Now you’ll want to cover up the wrapped twine – we used the eucalyptus as it has tough branches, wrapping and tying it around the areas we wanted to cover.
  6. Now you’ll have a lovely green wreath, so it’s time to add a personal touch, we wanted to add a bit of colour so we added these faux red berry sprigs to the wreath, simply tucking them in around the bigger twigs.
  7. Finally to tidy it up, trim the excess bits of twine and unruly leaves. To hang your wreath cut a length of ribbon (depending on the height you want it) and tie to the top of your embroidery hoop in a triangle shape.


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