Easter Craft – Origami Bunny Easter Decorations

The Easter holidays are an exciting time for children – no school, egg hunts and lots of chocolate! It’s also a great time to get crafting together, keep them entertained and make something lovely that you can all enjoy! These origami bunny decorations are a fun Easter craft which make a sweet gift for grandparents, or why not make them part of your Easter egg hunt – something to find between mouthfuls of chocolate. Little ones may need some extra help with the paper folding, but they don’t have to be perfect – bunnies come in all shapes and sizes!

You can download our confetti print paper template to print off at home at the bottom of this page, alternatively use a square of ordinary paper or origami paper if you can get hold of some! Scroll down for instructions…

  1. With the white side of the paper facing upwards, fold the square in half, then in half again. Unfold the square then fold diagonally into a triangle, and repeat on the other diagonal.
  2. Pinch the sides of the triangle, pushing the corners together in the middle to make a four sided star shape.
  3. Flatten the star into a smaller triangle, then turn the triangle so the tip is pointing upwards and make sure the creases are firmly in place.
  4. Fold the corners of the top layer up towards the tip of the triangle, to form a diamond shape in the centre.
  5. Fold the outer points of the diamond in on themselves, to meet the middle crease.
  6.  Fold the top points of the diamond down and tuck them into the flaps within the bigger triangles, as seen below.

8. Turn the triangle over, then fold each of the long sloping sides to align on the vertical crease.

9. Grasp the bottom right flap and fold it over to the right, you will form an upside down triangle, with the top edge parallel to the bottom of the model. Repeat this step with the left flap.

10. Finally, fold the bottom right edge of the boat to align with the centre vertical, then repeat with the left edge. Now your bunny is complete!

11. Attach a piece of twine or ribbon with sellotape, and you can hang your bunnies around the house at Easter, or give them away as gifts if you’re feeling generous!

Click Here To Download Your Confetti Paper Printable